London Paris London Days 1 & 2

Wheely good evening one and all from Paris. We have made it all 288 miles in two days from London and apart from a couple of aches all is good. The last two days have been great and an experience I am immensely proud of. There is so much to say I am going to pick some of the key memories of the two days. 

  • Left London in warm hazy sunshine and made great progress to Dover
  • Met a lovely lady called Pat Long at the Aldington village shop, she has also been diagnosed with cancer and donated £5 to our cause. Thanks Pat x
  • The hill out of Folkestone!! Never knew it was that steep
  • Made an earlier ferry and avoided sleeping on the crossing
  • Made it to our overnight in Montreuil in the most quaint guest house
  • Day 2 had it all – big climbs, rain, a puncture and about 70 miles of a 25 mph+ headwind!!! 
  • One final big climb into Paris and we made it
  • And got to have our pics taken at Arc de Triomphe

To say I am happy is an under statement, I’m buzzing!  Massive thank you to Neil for doing all the hotel and ferry booking and planning a great route. I’ll be back tomorrow with a summary of our day off in Paris watching Chris get his fourth Tour title. Until then enjoy the photos and see you soon 👍

Oh and of course we have the 282 miles back to London on Monday and Tuesday!!!


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