Hold your line, sock doping, sand bagging and more…..

Good Morning and a wheely good welcome back here at the home of Paul Ashman Cycling. I am writing this about 40,000 feet up in the air en route to Majorca where the Sa Calobra and co awaits. Life here has been busy as ever with school work, club rides, holiday workshops and racing (more on this in a later blog).


As the title of this blog suggests cycling conjures up many words and phrases that to non cyclists is like a foreign language. However it is these that make our sport so special and unique and what brings that bond between all lycra lovers. My first time I heard ‘hold your line” with maybe an extra expletive in as well was when I started racing. It can be heard ringing out through the peloton making sure riders don’t deviate across someone else’s path and cause a crash. And there is another word, peloton, probably the most famous word in cycling. Simply meaning the group of riders grouped together riding a race or even a club ride. Riding in a peloton is the first many of us will get to ride in a group and feel that slip stream effect being in someone else’s wheel.


So sock doping, what is this I hear you ask? Well socks are fast becoming a very important fashion accessory of any cyclist. A stylish and sometimes loud pair of sock compliments a black outfit and gives it that oooozing of class. A collector of socks or one who loves to show off their socks can be classed as one of these sock dopers. I myself and am partial to a nice pair of socks and only this week will be displaying a couple of new pairs out in the sunnier climates of Majorca.


Allez allez allez can often be heard ringing out from fans high up in the mountains on a grand tour. This phrase is simply a shouting of encouragement to the riders as they climb some of cycling races great climbs. These riders encounter mountains that we only see on postcards. We cannot imagine the pain they go through but that vocal shout of belief from the fans must go a long way to help ease the suffering.

And then of course there is sand bagging. Literally sitting in the wheel and not working and then making that break for victory on the last lap. I guess you could call it tactics or just playing the game. Whatever it’s the final result that matters and being on that top step of the podium.

So as I sit here on the plane it gives me chance to think about what’s happening in the PAC world. All is good as I approach the first anniversary of the business. More kids on bikes, moved up to cat 3 racing and developing myself and the business within cycling. All it leaves me to say until the next time is happy riding one and all and of course stay safe. I’ll be back soon with that race update and maybe a few cheeky Majorca pics.

Until then…….laters!!!

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