Calm before the storm LEJOG 2019

Well a wheely good day folks and it’s been a while since I have blogged but here I am sat on a train on the way to Penzance complete with my bike. Why you may ask well tomorrow myself, Kim, Jason and Andy will be setting off on our 10 day adventure.

Lands End to John O’Groats is a very popular trip undertaken by cyclists and one that is on everyone’s bucket list. This is one that I personally have wanted to do for a long time and now the time has come. But it so nearly didn’t happen…….

Six weeks ago I was involved in a nasty crash fracturing a few bones and getting many bruises and grazes in the process. At first I thought that’s it my ride will be over but I have healed and bar a few aches still I am ready to start the adventure.

Tomorrow at 7:30am we will set out on day one wildly regarded as our toughest day. Up through Cornwall and into Devon we will cover 170km with some near 3000 metres of elevation. It’s going to be a tough long challenging day in the saddle as will every day but equally going to be great fun.

We are not only doing this for a challenge but to raise money for two great charities. The Swindon Downs Syndrome Group and the British Heart Foundation. Below are the links if you would like to donate.

On the trip I will do a short updates by blog each evening on the days riding so please check back in for an update.

Until then laters and see you in John O’Groats.

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