School Work

Paul Ashman Cycling is currently working with more than 700 students a week in schools in Swindon and the surrounding area. This is done through the following ways and is growing by the week.

  • Balanceability classes for nursery and reception class children. Using balance bikes this gives the children that initial sense of riding a bike without stabilisers and gaining control and balance on two wheels.This is done through fun exciting classes using many activities and games to keep the children engaged. Usually delivered in groups of up to 10 and for 30/40 minutes sessions.
  • Moving on classes are being delivered to year 1/2 aged children. The purpose of these is to help children become more confident riders and develop skills that would be more suited to the open areas away from a school playground. These will focus ore on control and bike handling skills with emphasis on safety. Alongside the sessions the students learn some basic history and other key cycling skills.
  • Afterschool clubs are very popular and these give children to venture further with the bike and what it can do. Some schools i will take a small group off site to make it more fun as well