Education and Workshops

Getting young people into cycling at grass roots level is in my opinion the key to getting them started. I can deliver workshops, presentations and talks including practical elements to all ages. Additionally help Beaver, Cub and Scout groups work with the students to achieve their cyclist badges. Youth groups and organisations is another avenue where I can come in for an evening or session and leave all who attend wanting to get into cycling, more knowledgeable about it and want to get out there and ride a bike.

Alongside this I work in schools with students of all ages. The aim is to deliver a comprehensive fun informative course of up to a year working with a class. Throughout the sessions children will learn the following through a very varied cross curricular learning experience:

Training and exercising
Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Warming up and limbering
Riding routes
Planning routes
Taking part in events and sportives
Basic maintenance and safety
Watching cycling footage and learn about the history of the sport
Indoor training sessions
Sports psychology
Coaching science
Performance analysis

Motivational Informative Talks

Any group, club or organisation that wants to know more about cycling then I can arrange an evening or session to this subject. Whether its history of the sport linked to a certain era or subject, a particular element of the sport or just a general evening about cycling and bikes then please feel free to contact me to discuss further. All presentations will include photographic and video content and slideshows/presentations to accompany the talk. I have an extensive collection of books, publications, dvd’s, memorabilia and more to support this. Give me a call and see how it can work for your group. Or how about one of my cycling based quiz evenings!!!

Organised Rides and Routes

What better way to get into cycling than get out on a bike in the glorious British countryside and enjoy what it has to offer. Whether you are new or have some experience contact me to arrange to get out riding. I have many routes and can plan new ones to cater to the individual or group. Additionally after the ride I can give a detailed breakdown of the route that was covered with distance, elevation, speed and many more features and also a print out of the ride covered through Garmin connect and Strava. So if you have just got a bike or have had one and want to get out more give me a call or email.

Bike Repairs and Maintenance

Is your bike broken or not working? Is it in need of a little TLC? Is it in need of a service to get it back on the road? Or just in need of an upgrade or two? If the answer is yes to any of those questions I can help get your bike back in tip top condition and get you out riding on it again. Additionally advice and support to you on any upgrades or changes you may wish to make to your bike. I have links to a local reputable bike shop, Swindon Recycles that can help with any repairs large or small.

Advice and Support

If there is anything else to do with cycling, riding, route planning, maintenance, inspiration to get out on a bike or absolutely anything else please contact me.